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Below is a selection of written projects.

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Basements & Bugbears

Episodic Web Series

Pilot released online February 19th, 2021

To view episode 1 click here: Basements & Bugbears


A group of High school students play a game of Dungeons & Dragons

 to help cope with their friend's recent suicide.


Workshop readings throughout June 2018-August 2018

Writer, Creator, Executive Producer:

Jeff Athey

Produced by:

Mischa Ipp, Heloise Wilson, & Dani Tenenbaum


Directed by:

Dani Tenenbaum



Jeff Athey

Issa Best 

Jordan Cobb

Dorothea Gloria

Frankie Placidi

Jay Reum

Caroline Smith


60-min Television Pilot

*finalist in the Austin Film Festival Script Competition 2020


In 1955, ten years after defeating Cthulhu in WWII, the United States government has implemented monthly mental health evaluations to seek out and quarantine anyone exhibiting “abnormal behavior for the average American citizen,” fearful of Cthulhu’s return. However, three normal 16-year-olds – James, Henry, and Suzi – begin uncovering secrets that force them to reevaluate what it means to be “normal”.

After Eden Poster.png

After Eden

Stage Play

*Second Off-Broadway run at the SoHo Playhouse July 2023

*Off-Broadway Premier April 2023 at the SoHo Playhouse

*Off-Off-Broadway Premier November 2022 at Theatre East


As the last human is on the brink of death, God and Lucifer meet after their millennium long divorce to argue over their children's lives.


Still Breathing

Feature Film

*Semi-finalist in the 2023 Dallas International Screenwriting Competition

*Top 100 in the 2023 Launch-Pad Screenwriting Competition

*Semi-Finalist in the 2023 Creative Screenwriting Competition

*Quarterfinalist in the 2023 PAGE International Screenwriting Competition


Just as Peter - an anxiety riddled 22-year-old - meets the boy of his dreams, he is suddenly given a life-threatening cancer diagnosis. He grapples with the overwhelming decision to put his life on hold and wait for things to get better, or throw caution to the wind and try to live anyway.


Staged Reading/Workshop January 2018

Directed by:

Joe Coles



Lizzy Jarrett

Max Beckman

James Swanson

Oliver Palmer

Nell Kessler

Jeff Athey

flatten (1).jpg

Fucking Ghosts

Stage Play

*Austin Film Festival Second Rounder 2022

*Staged Reading & Workshop August 2022 with Theatre East

As the daughter of the world's strongest psychic, the last thing Kenzie wants to do is talk to dead people. However, when a pesky, paranormal investigator visits their bed & breakfast, threatening to disrupt the spirits' delicate existence, she's forced to either pick up her family's mantle to calm the restless dead, or else forever be haunted by her biggest regrets.


Flesh Jacket

30-min Comedy Pilot

After a life-threatening accident leaves a once beautiful Damien ugly and dying, he is contacted by a group of body snatching Blood Witches who want his corpse for their own satanic purposes. Seizing the opportunity, he attempts to acquire a better body for himself, but unforeseen consequences start him and his demons down a hellish journey of self-acceptance.

Hyena Bloodbath

Short Film

*Second Rounder in the 2023 Austin International Screenwriting Competition

*Quarterfinalist in the Screencraft Short Film Competition 2023


Under pressure from his campaign staff, Earnest invites his estranged son and his son’s boyfriend home to make amends. However, while things seem perfectly respectable on the surface, ridiculous disputes quickly start turning dangerous.

Pandemonium Cover AFF Laurel.png


Fiction Podcast

*Second Rounder: Austin Film Festival Script Competition 2021


After sacrificing his life to give the man he loves immortality, Antinous awakes in Pandemonium: a parallel world where the spirits of everyone who has ever died wander the Earth forever watching the living world pass them by. To maintain his sanity in this new eternal afterlife, Antinous sets out on a 2000 year long journey across the world to discover the meaning of his existence.

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