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Editorial Writing Examples

Much of my editorial and copy writing focuses on the tech, arts, and entertainment industries. Since 2021, I have been the Lead Writer and Creative Producer for Metropolis World and produced a myriad of material for them from website copy to creative writing to blogs to social media campaigns to PR campaigns and more. You can check out some of my material below.

Website Copy

You can view the Metropolis World website for an example some copy made for their website. I was tasked with creating a "cool" and "chill" vibe which correlated with some of the fantastical elements the project embodied, and the pages I was primarily charged with writing were the FAQ and Persona Parlor pages currently live on the site.

Character Spotlights


During my time at Mentor Ship, it was my reponsibility to find experts in various fields all around the world and shine a light on their incredible stories and talents. While some of these were extended into longer articles, here is a collection of the shortened highlights to give you an idea of the way I find intrigue in every story.

Mentor Ship_edited.jpg

Email Copy

I have also been responsibility for much of the email copy behind our email campaigns. Click on the email here to see an example of my email copy which aims to embody "mystery" and "fantasy" that the Metropolis World hopes to deliver alongside it's information.

Email Screenshot.png

Creative Copy

You can view a lot of my creative copy for Metropolis World by clicking on any of the properties on the main site and reading the story, but for something slightly different, I was tasked with creating a Wiki site for the world's lore. You can read up on some of that content on

Lore Site.png

Thank you!

These are just a few examples of copy material I've been contracted to write, however, there's much more out there. If there is a format or example not present here that you'd wish to view, please contact me at and I'd be happy to provide something.

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